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Title: Insatiable
Author: Jules saturnine_tears
Prompt: 007. Aroused of 100moods
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Character: Simon, Kaylee
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 854
Disclaimer: Firefly and all related aspects belong to Joss Whedon.
Summary: Simon and Kaylee are feeling playful. Part 3/? in a series.
Beta: Dani sirius_starr
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Kaylee had no idea where the things she was feeling had come from. She’d been working on the engine and suddenly she felt a strong, insatiable urge to take Simon to their quarters and have her way with him. That urge was how she had wound up in his embrace, gasping and moaning as he suckled her nipples exquisitely, as he thrust into her slowly, maddeningly.

As he’d worked in the infirmary, Simon had been hit with a sudden, powerful urge to hold Kaylee in his arms, to feel her arms around him, to be inside of her. It wasn’t the sort of thing he was used to feeling, at least not so suddenly and powerfully. When Simon found Kaylee and discovered that she was feeling much the same things, he thanked the Shepherd’s God, Inara’s Buddha and every other deity he could think of before his brain was overwhelmed with feeling, leaving no room for thought.

Kaylee gasped throatily as she looked up, meeting Simon’s cobalt blue eyes as he thrust slowly into her, the feelings overwhelming her, bringing her close to the inevitable climax. She could feel his every move, the sensations coursed through her, making her feel incredible.

As he thrust into her, Simon had to fight the urge to close his eyes from the pleasure. He didn’t want to miss a single flicker of emotion that lit up Kaylee’s eyes. Only when he leaned in to press his lips to hers, to kiss her firmly, passionately, did Simon allow his eyes to flutter closed. For a moment all he wanted to do was feel Kaylee’s body against his, just wanted to give way to the physical sensations without diverting his attention.

“Oh, God, Simon!” Kaylee moaned.

“Come on, baobei, just let go…” Simon encouraged.

At Simon’s soft words, Kaylee felt the first pre-orgasmic shudders grip her body. She arched her hips so that she could take him even deeper inside. She had no idea where the sudden urge to sex Simon had come from, but she couldn’t have cared less. She was in his arms, she was kissing him, being sexed exquisitely and that was all that mattered. He was all that mattered. She loved him more than anything in the ‘verse.

Simon’s thrusts into Kaylee became deeper, faster and harder. She was close, he could feel it, and so was he. Their whole interlude hadn’t lasted long. It wasn’t like sometimes where they could make love for what felt like hours, being slow, gentle and deliberate. No, this time they were both too primed, too excited and oh so sensitive.

Kaylee clutched at Simon, trying to prolong their lovemaking, trying to delay the inevitable, but to no avail. Only moments later her release tore through her as she cried out Simon’s name, her muscles gripping at him as he continued to thrust in and out of her.

Simon moaned as he felt Kaylee’s release ripple through her body, over every inch of him inside of her. They were such a perfect fit. His eyes were shut tightly as he felt his own climax building, already feeling the pre orgasmic shudders coursing through his body.

“God, Kaylee…” Simon groaned.

Before Simon had time to do so much as suck in another breath, he lost control of his body and felt his release flood through him, crash around him. He gritted his teeth, afraid that the sensation would drive consciousness from him as he spilled himself into Kaylee, making her gasp and cry out in tandem.

As the lovers caught their breath, their bodies buzzing with the fading sensations of their climaxes, their eyes met. Simon smiled softly, reaching out with a shaky hand to gently caress Kaylee’s cheek as he leaned in to kiss her softly. The kiss was brief but perfect, deep. They pulled apart and slowly shifted so that they were comfortable, their bodies still entwined, Simon still inside of Kaylee.

“I love you,” Simon whispered.

Wo de ma Simon,” Kaylee replied. “I love you too.”

Kaylee nuzzled into Simon’s neck, breathing in his scent. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly as she shifted just a little, feeling him move a little within her. She was so sensitive after her climax that the movement was amplified dozens of times, making her shudder lightly. They stilled together and Kaylee was able to settle contentedly into a comfortable position. She smiled softly and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Simon watched Kaylee as she curled up, feeling her still tight around his length. He groaned softly and pulled her closer, breathing in the scent of her hair as he felt her breathing slow. He knew that she’d fallen asleep. He finally closed his eyes, a smile that matched Kaylee’s on his lips. He sighed lightly, feeling every square inch of her body pressed against his, pleasantly sleepy after an intense orgasm.

Simon thought back a little as sleep slowly began to cloud his senses. He still didn’t know where the fervent arousal he’d felt had come from, but he decided that he wouldn’t mind being surprised like that more often.

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